Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas home tour... kinda sorta

I have a confession. This post is supposed to be a holiday home tour. Well. First of all, my house is a mess right now. Second, we do have holiday decorations up, but for the most part it's cheesy stuff.

I was hoping this year to have the time/energy to buy some new, classy-like, decorations and really do our house up nice. And then I realized Christmas is next week. Priorities have shifted to ensuring all the things I need to buy are bought, prezzies are wrapped, food is in the fridge etc etc.

We did manage to put up a tree! YAY! It's fake (I argued for a real one and lost) and it's not coordinated by any stretch, but it's ours and mini-me loves it. She loves it so much so, in fact, that she started singing songs to it right after we finished decorating.

This is a rather shameful holiday decoration post but I PROMISE some the other ladies will more than make up for my decorating failure. Make sure you check them out, I know I will be making notes because I could clearly use the help!!!

My house may not be decorated to the nines and I may not be ready for the holidays that are rapidly arriving BUT it'll still be an amazing, fun-filled holiday in our house! How could it not be with a toddler who is this cute and excited?!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

what I wore - Winter Style Challenge (week 2)

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack and wearing stuff. Again.

I didn't buy a lot this go around. Actually, I didn't buy anything I don't think... huh?  That can't be right. My brain is a little foggy these days (I say these days in an attempt to pretend that's not just 'the way it is' now) so I have a hard time recalling if I actually made purchases in preparation for this Style Challenge.

There were a few items I didn't buy/find including a faux fur scarf. Truth be told, I love the way they look on everyone else and if I happen to actually see one in stores I may pick it up but I'm not sure it suits me. What do you think?? Yay or nay to the faux fur??

You've probably seen most of these outfits BUT see outfit #2??? Ya, that's right, I brought out the denim vest from the spring challenge!!! I felt a wee-bit 80s rockstar that day, but I kinda liked it.

Big sweaters, puffy vests and scarves OH MY! I'm clearly not high fashion by any stretch, but this comfy casual is definitely my thing. Sure, I like dressing up but 'tis the season to be warm and comfy.

OH and here's the holiday jamicure I'm sporting this week!!

for more info check our my Jamberry Page and my Jamberry Facebook Page

I'm linking up with some of my fellow challengers and I promise we will all have very different looks this past week - if you check them out, you may even see some of those faux fur scarves I'm talking about (and then you can help me decide if I need one).

Sunday, December 14, 2014

style me secret santa!

Happy Holidays!!!!

I literally cannot believe how quickly this holiday season came. Seriously, wasn't it summer like yesterday?

Anyways, it wouldn't be the holidays without a secret santa or two!! The Style Me Bloggers started linking up every other Friday a few weeks ago. In case you missed it, we're a bunch of  bloggers who met through the Style Me Challenges.

A few of us decided it would be fun to do a secret santa and reveal our prezzies today!

here are my amazing gifts:

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wonderful Sheila nailed it!!! A super fun pair of sunglasses AND a beautiful red scarf. Oddly enough, with all of the scarves I own, I do not have a red one. It's like she knew!! She even sent it in a gift bad.

Confession: I'm feeling guilty about my gift, which was sent directly through the site I purchased from. FAIL. 

THANK YOU sooooo much Sheila, I love my gifts!

Alright, here's the other part of this post.... we Style Me Bloggers thought it might be a nice idea to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to Alison and her Style Me Pretty Challenges!

I previously wrote a letter to my fellow Style Challengers and Alison HERE so this might get a little repetitive for those who have been around a while :)

Dear Alison:

I have likely said all of this before and I know, without a doubt, that many women have echoed my sentiments regarding your blog and specifically your Style Challenges. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my now semi-well-dressed heart, thank you. 

I started this blogging journey upon my return to work after a year maternity leave. I was feeling the need to bring my style up a notch. To no longer feel like I always looked gym-ready. I know you can related to this because I know this is why you started blogging. Thankfully, early on in my blogging journey, I found your blog. Then, as if by fate, you soon started your style challenges. I was fortunate to be taking part of something amazing right from the beginning.

The shopping lists and the emailed daily outfits have been a life saver since the Spring. You've helped me get ready in the mornings and, most importantly, you've helped me feel good about myself on days where I wanted to do nothing more than throw on sweats and put my hair in a pony tail.

I always say it's about what's on the inside and I will teach my daughter this as well. BUT, I cannot stress the significance of feeling good about the way you look. It's not about being or looking like a supermodel, it's about feeling good in your own skin. It's about dressing for your body type and feeling confident leaving the house. You have helped me with that, more times than I can count.

Then, there's the Facebook group. I will say thanks to you for this, but there are so many more thank yous owed. I know the lovely Bebe helps out a TON! And then, then there's all of the women who participate daily. The women ho take the time to post, 'like' and comment on all of the other pictures. The women who offer fashion advice to those seeking it, or share stories about their personal lives and the impact the challenges have had.

Alison, you've facilitated the building of not only confidence, but of a community of women who feel better about themselves and who take the time every single day to make other women feel better about themselves. It's a truly amazing thing and I'm so honored to be a part of it. 

The Style Me Bloggers are just another example of something awesome you helped create! How cool is that?! 

Here's where I confess, my participation has waned somewhat from the beginning. Life gets busy. Stuff happens. Even still, it brightens my morning to scroll through Facebook and see all the outfits, to read the thoughtful and sweet comments and to know, that whenever I can participate I have a whole community waiting for me.

thank you again, for this fun and awesome thing you've started. You've given us all such a wonderful gift!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

top pieces in my wardrobe

Friday top 5 is here again

Today I'm supposed to write about the top 5 pieces in my wardrobe. WHAT?! Do you know how hard it is to pick just 5 things I LOVE?! I'm going to just pick two things that come to me quick.

I'll be honest, my real reason for only picking 2 is because I really want to watch the series finale of Sons of Anarchy :) I know, I know. One day I will properly blog again. I promise.

Here's my top 2 from the past year:

1. Colorful pants - this is something that is was WAY out of my comfort zone prior to the spring. If it wasn't black or denim it wasn't going on my bottom. I have reformed my ways and I seriously love love love pants with color. The key is you have to find the right ones! Try try try until you find the right ones, you'll be happy you did :)

2. Scarves - scarves are my favorite! You can jazz up any outfit with a scarf. They're fun, can be inexpensive and are super easy to just throw on. They're also something I seriously can't have enough of. I always want more.

Okay, Sons of Anarchy time for me!!!!

Wait, I do really want to know what your own favorite pieces are from your own wardrobes!! So comment below and tell my your fav pieces!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

what I wore - Winter Challenge (week 1)

Let's try this again... I attempted to write this last night but apparently my internet hates me. Figures.

We're at it again, another style challenge is underway! The Winter Style Challenge is up and running and we all started receiving our daily outfits on Sunday night (woohoo).

As you know from my incessant complaining, everyone in our house (including yours truly) hasn't been well this season (ew) so having someone dress me every day is a serious time and energy saver. Right now, the less I have to use my brain in the morning, the better.

It's early in the challenge, so you're only going to see the first two outfits (and my little photo-bomber) BUT stay tuned in the new few weeks they'll be LOTS more to inspire your winter wardrobes!!!

Make sure you check out the other challengers below to see how they've interpreted the outfits AND we'd love for you to link up with us each Wednesday :) Happy styling...

I'm still loving my fuzzy leopard scarf. I'm technically supposed to be wearing a fur scarf but have yet to purchase one.

Apparently mini-me REALLY wants to have her picture taken in the morning - this is her 'cheese' face lol

EDIT: this entry was originally titled "what I work" which is now forever embedded in the link for the post. I need a nap and to edit  prior to posting.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

favorite meals

Favorite Holiday Eats

This is a toughie for me. I like food. I like food A LOT.

I'm going to keep this somewhat holiday focused and I will tell you, that one of the many reasons I love the Christmas season is the food. Oh the food.

It's not just Christmas dinner, which is typically some kind of turkey and all the fixings. I also love party food. You know, those uber healthy appetizer plates. Seriously. It's very highly unlikely that I will escape this holiday season without putting on a few pounds. 

Then there's the cookies. Cookies and cookies and more cookies. I am once again participating in a cookie-exchange (basically, you bake a ton of cookies and then trade with friends so you all go home with a bunch of different kinds of cookies). Doesn't that sound lovely? Ya, in theory, but typically what happens is I get the cookies, home, figure out which ones I really like, eat them all and then the rest sit until I can pawn them off on relatives. For real though, it's a lot of work, but there's something to be said for having a cookie tray ready at moments notice for unexpected guests (that is, assuming you haven't eaten them all).

Fruit salad. I'm not sure why, but this has always been a tradition on Christmas morning. Regular breakfast stuff too (eggs, bacon etc) but there has to be fruit salad. Now I want fruit salad. 

Chocolate. Well it's pretty much bloody everywhere so it's inevitable that I'm going to eat my body weight in chocolate this season. Good thing I really like chocolate.

Well, I've gone and made myself hungry so you can tell me what you LOVE to eat during the holidays, while I go and make myself a snack ;)

OH, and don't forget to linkup your favorite meal posts below. xo

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

what i wore - fall flashback

it's 9pm and I'm writing this post with a very, WIDE AWAKE toddler at my side. I will leave the complaining at that. She's happy and cute... and awake. Enough said.

I have gotten dressed this past week... in things... clothes and such.

It's getting cold so I'm pretty much wearing scarves on the daily. I can't get enough of them. I'm also confident I need more. Scarves just seem like something you can never have enough of. And shoes of course. You can never have too many shoes.

Here's how this week is going to go down. I'm going to check my blog photo album and pic my favs from the fall. It wasn't that long ago and lets be serious, odds are I've worn the majority in the past week (I haven't shopped - GASP - thank goodness the Winter Style Challenge is starting soon!)

okay this makes me realize that there are a few wardrobe pieces I haven't busted out in a while... booties, red pants and grey jeans in particular!

I find it hard to figure out shoes... flats are out now that we have snow so it really seems boots are the only solution. I miss my flats.

Okay - pep talk time. I'm going to be a better picture taker and I'm doing to put more effort into getting dressed. I WILL NOT go back to my yoga pants wearing days (unless I'm doing yoga, but let's be serious, I'm sucking at the working out bit lately too). I will not be a frumpy mommy.


I've also been a horrible blog reader. My Internet has sucked lately and I give up way to easy (and go to bed lol). I want to get to be a better reader too!!
I do appreciate every single one of my readers and treasure all your comments and I genuinely hate when I don't have the time (or energy or working Internet) to read and write back. I'll add this to my pep-talk - BE A BETTER BLOG READER!!!

now... I just need to give mini-me a pep-talk and we'll be good to go!

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