Friday, October 17, 2014

top 5 pics... of me

Before I get started - the winner my 100 post Giveaway has been chosen - Deby - you're the winner!!! see HERE for more info! Thanks to EVERYone who entered. There just may be some other exciting giveaways in the near future ;)

I'll blame credit Deena for this week's topic.

I think the intention here was to look at pictures of ourselves a little differently.

I tend to be quite (overly) critical of myself and particularly of pictures of myself. Generally, this blog has helped that because I have had to let go of the hope that all the pictures I post will be awesome. My photographer (Mr. B) doesn't have the eye/patience for elusive perfect shot every time. It's good though. I can't always be edited. This is real life.

So, in an effort to be a little more true to myself (and you), I am not going to pick the pictures you would think. I am going to try and pick the top 5 pictures (that are relatively accessible) that I think capture ME (and not just some photo-shopped/fake smiling version of myself).

okay, admittedly, this pic has some instagram filter... I love it because it's on of my first times wearing red lipstick AND I had a super fun night out (my first, as a mom) with one of the bestest women I know!

I don't necessarily love this pic of me, but I love the outfit and it's something I would have NEVER worn prior to my deliberate journey out of frumpy mommy-hood.

Okay, had to throw these two momma pics in. It's such a big part of who I am. I might like these pics more for the cutie chubby baby ;) It also makes me miss my long hair ;)

A recent pic from the contest I entered (and WON but still need to write about!!) - read more here. I was kind of uncomfortable in this dress, it was tight and short and after having a baby I didn't feel I could pull it off, but sometimes you just need to go out of your comfort zone!

Picking these pics was so so so so much harder than I thought. Seriously! I wanted to pick the best of the best but that's not an accurate depiction of me. 

I also realized, when picking these choices, I'm so freaking critical of myself. I would never, ever, be even remotely as critical about someone else. It's honestly ridiculous. 

Anyways, this post has inspired me... you may get some more random pics of me in the near future... some highly edited pics and others with no makeup :) Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

what I wore - fall style challenge week #1

I have been trying to be diligent about taking daily outfit pics lately. As annoying as Mr. B may find it, it's helpful for me to see what looks good (or not so much) for future reference. PLUS, it makes it easy to share with all of you!

The Fall Style Challenge is underway (it started Monday) and even though only the first two pics are 'challenge outfits', the majority of the pieces are part of the challenge (AND I already had a bunch of them already in my closet!) 

Some of the challenge pieces this go around are definitely challenging for me. See those booties with rolled up jeans?? Ya, I'm still not sure if I love the look on me but apparently it's on trend. Sometimes, when I try and wear something trendy, I end up feeling silly BUT I'm comforted knowing I'm not the only one thrown out of my comfort zone.

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What's your fav look of the week? Any fall trends you're loving or terrified of?

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

my OTHER blog

I haven't posted about my OTHER blog here much. It's super personal and close to my heart. It started over two years ago, shortly after I found out I was pregnant.

My initial intro into blog-world was documenting my pregnancy which quickly turned into letters for mini-me. How could I not have a place where I devote some kind of written word to my mini?

Letters for Annabelle is close to my heart, obviously. It needs no publicity because the purpose of it has nothing to do with other people (though I'm happy to share with those interested).

I did want to share this entry though, because it's a glimpse of my absolute pride of this little girl. A snapshot of my life as a parent right now.

I write here a lot of fashion, clothes etc. As much as I love those things, my world is so much bigger and my heart full with other things.

ANYWAYS, if anyone is interested in a look at my life as a proud momma right at this moment... HERE IT IS.

Monday, October 13, 2014

giving thanks

Today marks Canadian Thanksgiving.

For some reason, Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. It may have something to do with my general love of fall and the abundance of delicious eats; however, I'm confident my real love for this holiday has more to do with people and the whole idea of giving thanks.

I try to generally be grateful but with all of the day-to-day "stuff" of life, gratefulness sometimes gets put on a back-burner. It really is something I need to be more conscientious about. Being grateful.

I made a point today, and this weekend in general, to at least think about the things I"m grateful for. I won't attempt to create an exhaustive list (because it's ever-changing/growing) but I will give you a few,

This Thanksgiving, I'm giving an extra-big dose of thankful for the following:

  • my happy healthy beautiful girl. I could gush for pages/hours about mini-me. I'll endeavor to keep it brief. She is my heart, my soul, and I'm especially grateful for the exact age and stage she is right now. Watching her grow into her own little person and personality is not only an absolute pleasure, but the greatest honor I'll ever be bestowed. Words can't described my love for this child and what a true blessing she is. Her smile and laugh literally lights up a room and my whole heart.

  • my husband. He drives me crazy sometimes but I love this man. He is a wonderful husband, friend and partner and there is no doubt in my mind, he is one of the best fathers in the entire world. Mini-me and I are so so lucky to call him ours. He's super handsome too, added bonus ;)
  • my family. I love each and every one of them. I love that this holiday pretty much requires us to spend time together. I'm thankful every time I see them, though never enough and I don't tell them when I should. I am also thankful for how wonderful they are with mini-me. To see their love for her only strengthens my love for them.

  • my friends. I don't see them enough but I have amazing friends. The kind of people I could call without any notice and they'd literally drop everything to help me out. Those sentiments are echoed. I love you all.
  • all of you. I don't get to contribute as much or as often as I'd like her. It's not always as insightful as I had intended this blog to at some point be BUT it's my place. It's my place where I can go and just be me. Once you become a wife and then a mother, sometimes it feels like the other parts of you get put away. Not here. Here I'm me, just the me who also happens to be a wife and mom. AND I have all these new and wonderful people to share with and be witness to their own journeys. So thank you.
Okay, enough of the cheese for now. I know most of you are not Canadian, but let this be a reminder to think about the things you're grateful for today AND give you something to look forward to as your Thanksgiving approaches.

All the thanks in the world,


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Friday, October 10, 2014

100th post and GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kind of exciting that this is my 100th post!!!!!

Maybe I'm the only one that thinks this is a big deal but you should also be excited because it means I'm giving away stuff!!!!!

If you've been keeping track of trends, you'll know that 'blanket scarves' are all the rage. If you don't believe me, go check out my blanket scarf search on Pinterest

Soooo in honor of my 100th post, I'm giving away this beautiful blanket scarf from one of my favorite stores RW&co! (value: $49.99)

Contest is now open!!! closes next Friday at midnight!! Good luck!

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

sneaky spiders

I don't like spiders. I may or may not be terrified of them.

Naturally, when a big juicy spider appeared, seemingly out of no where, on my dashboard while driving, I had what one may describe as a 'freak out'.

Thankfully, I had the where with all to pull over and try and hit the spider with my water bottle. Obviously, I missed and the spider seemed to fall in my bag (my lunch/work bag). I contemplated getting out of the car, dumping out the bag and ensuring that the spider had indeed fallen in my bag. I didn't. Primarily, because I felt that the owners of the house I had pulled over in front of would wonder why the hell I was dumping the contents of my car of their lawn.

I did; however, drive the remainder of the way home giving the above-mentioned bag a little shake every now and then (you know, just in case the spider had decided to try and make his way out).

Wouldn't you know, that when I finally arrived home, dumped the bag, the spider was no where to be found.

You know what this means right? My car is now essentially a ticking time bomb for a lurking spider.

It's inevitable, that, when I least expect it, that spider is going to make itself known... crawling up my leg while I'm driving on the highway or something. UGH.

Why are spiders so sneaky? And why am I so scared of them? And most importantly, when is that sneaky little bugger going to make himself known again?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

what I wore

Since I complained last week about falling back into my old black, white and grey clothing pattern, I really made an effort this week to add some color back! I think I was relatively successful!

Please excuse my 'tired face' in most pics... mini-me decided she didn't like her crib last week. I'm hoping we're back on track now, but apparently you never know with these little people.

Some thoughts:

  • I still love my red pants but am sad that they're not going to be around for the long-haul as they've already started to fade (could be that I wear them too often). I'm on the hunt for good-quality red jeans. Let me know if you spot any!
  • Boot-appropriate weather!!! No further explanation needed... now I need more boots.
  • I am in LOVE with this plaid scarf from Old Navy. 
  • I also wore white past labor day (WHOA) and paired with boots - inspired by my fashionable friend Jill @ Doused in Pink 
  • I'm not over my burgundy pants yet AND realizing my denim vest works with sweaters is kind of exciting to me!