Friday, January 23, 2015

my wishlist

I've been on a bit of a hiatus. The break from the blog and my computer in general wasn't planned or intended but it was needed.

Sickness has taken it's toll on our house (again) and I've been foregoing my evening computer time for more sleep. As much as I've missed keeping up with all of you, I desperately needed the sleep.

Neither mini-me nor I are 100% yet but we're getting there. I still haven't quite figured out how Mr. B avoids all this sickness garbage. C'est la vie.


regularly scheduled post: My Wishlist

I feel as though fashion and I have also had a little parting of ways. Naturally, I'm still getting dressed in the morning (kind of a requirement at the office) and I haven't resorted back to yoga pants as a daily staple; however, I certainly don't feel like I have a good handle on my wardrobe right now.

I need to refocus.

I tried to think of concrete things I want/need to make this 'refocus' a little easier and I'm coming up with nothing. 

What I'm wishing for is something more abstract than a specific item... it's the feeling you get when you put together the perfect outfit. 

Unlike a new purse (which I also need but can't seem to narrow the choices down enough to share), I can't pop into a store and purchase that 'put together' feeling. The capacity is there, I've had it before, I just need to find it. Maybe spend some time sorting out my closet. 

If you're a fashion-lover/blogger you likely know the feeling I'm talking about. Instead of leaving the house in the morning feeling okay, you look in the mirror and think "I love this". I'm bot loving my outfits lately. This may be directly related to being sick and the general fatigue that comes with that. 

I WILL feel GREAT in my clothes again... stay tuned..

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

jams of the week: Winter's Edge and Puppy Love

I haven't been great with posting my manicures lately... since it's been snowy and FREEZING here, I figured I'd embrace the winter (for a week anyways) and update my nails accordingly. 

I'm super excited because Jamberry came out with some amazing designs for some upcoming holidays. Think Valentine's day, St. Patty's day and Easter!!!

I can't  wait to get my hands on "Love Spell" or should I say, I can't wait to get "Love Spell" on my hands!

Anyways, those are my jams of the week! 

or message me for more info!

Monday, January 12, 2015

100 things 2 do featuring ME!!!

One of the many perks of being one of the Faces of Pink Ink is that I get to be featured on the wonderful Shelly's blog, 100 things 2 do.

There was a whole post dedicated to yours truly. Check it out

make-up c/o Pink Ink, photography c/o Jasmina

While you're there, check out Shelly's blog. She's super smart and crazy talented. She's one of those people I'm totally envious of because she's always coming up with amazing and pinterest-worthy ideas and actually DOING them!!! I promise you, you'll find something life-changing on her blog (like ways to keep your car-cup holders clean, or re-purposing everyday items around your house into something incredible!).


Friday, January 9, 2015

From my closet: old, new, borrowed and blue

The Style Me Bloggers are at it again with our bi-weekly linkups and this week's topic is 'From my close: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue'

Something old

Yup, my Gap jean jacket circa the late 90s. This bad boy was one of those pieces that has literally been sitting in my closet a solid 15 years but I just couldn't part with it. To be honest, I forgot it was there until this past spring. I made a point to thoroughly go through my closet and purge (if only so I could have an excuse to replenish) and lo and behold, my vest. It still fits and I've fallen in love with it all over again!!
I look a little stunned and uncomfortable in the jean jacket at first, but I learn to embrace it... I swear

SEE!! Come fall I'm rocking it, okay, well at least not looking horribly uncomfortable.

Something new

My chunky gold watch!!!! I've been dying for a chunky gold watch since it was an optional accessory in Alison's style challenges. Then I found this Michael Kors twisted and began coveting it it immediately. Now, as much as I love love love Mr. B, he's more of a practical gift giver (think: the husband that gives a vacuum) so you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I opened this bad boy Christmas morning. Well done Mr. B, well done.

Something borrowed

I looked through my closet and I legitimately can't find anything that's borrowed. Either that, or it was borrowed so long ago that I've just assumed it's always been mine :)

Things I've been known to borrow: dresses and shoes!! 

Something blue

I love the color blue. Cobalt blue in particular. It's hard to pick just one thing so I'll give you a smattering of the blue in my closet for your viewing pleasure (and to remind me of what to wear in the near future!)

this pic makes me miss summer...

We've got a bunch of topics scheduled and we'd LOVE for you to join our linkups!! Next one is Jan 23 and we'd LOVE to hear what you're all coveting!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in review and some goals for 2015

these posts kinda scare me because I'm always worried I'll forget something significant. Wish me luck. (picture HEAVY!)

The year started with a whirlwind. We moved into our new home and started renovations. I participated in the moving much more than in the renovating piece. There's still lots we want to do, but so far, we're pretty happy with how things are coming along :)



Note: I do NOT recommend attempting living without a kitchen for 2 months while trying to parent a 9 month old. It's NOT pretty or fun. At all. You WILL question your sanity. Every. Day. You've been warned.

In the midst of moving and renos we took a vacation to Mexico with my bro and his girlfriend. The trip was scheduled prior to us buying the house but turned out to be a much needed break to the kitchen-free living.

Surprisingly, travelling with a 10 month old went over fairly well. Props to mini-me for that one.

My step-brother got married in Feb and mini-me was one of the flower girls!! She also just happened to get horribly ill the night before the wedding resulting in our first family trip to the ER. Thankfully, she pulled it together in time for the big show!

I started this blog in March 2014 in hopes of quickly reforming my yoga pants wearing ways. I never imagined meeting so many amazing bloggers from all over the world, some I'm very happy to consider friends.

In April 2014, our sweet mini-me turned 1 and it was also the same month I returned to work following my year maternity leave.

May 2014 brought my first weekend away from my little monkey. It was an amazing and much needed girls weekend with one of my bestest friends.

The summer kind of flew by. I'm sure a lot happened but it's all kind of a blur now.

I entered the Face of Pink Ink contest... and WON! I have intended to write lots about this but never got around to it. Long and short of it is this: Pink Ink is run by Jen and Rita. They are style and image consultants. They do hair, makeup, workshops, help women with self-esteem, and TONS more (I'm not doing them justice, check out their website for more details). They also have their own makeup line which I'm kind of obsessed with. ANYWAYS, each year they have a contest which my girlfriend and I entered because we wanted to make a girl's day/night of it. We had our hair and makeup done and a mini-photoshoots. It was a super fun day and we then had a wonderfully fun night out(albeit the next day wasn't super enjoyable if ya know what I mean).

Fast-forward a few months later, and guess who is one of the new faces of Pink Ink for the year?! Me!! It's been a fun ride - fashion shows, photoshoots, and being thrown totally out of my comfort zone. I've also met some super amazing ladies and have participated in things I would have otherwise not been a part of. Yay for branching out.

I discovered Jamberry. I parent, work full-time and just generally have tons on my plate BUT once I tried Jamberry I was hooked. It's my new little side business and I hope to share it with even more people in 2015! PLUS, I have pretty nails ALL the time. Love it.

My brother got engaged!! I also just happen to LOVE his fiance, so bonus for me :) Oh AND they asked mini-me AND I to be in the wedding!!! Stay turned - the date is set for Aug 2015!

What else?!

Mr. B and I had our first nights away from mini-me. One for a wedding and one just a night away. Both were amazing and mini-me was a little angel for grandma (thank goodness). We NEED to do this more next year!

Mini-me has gone through so many stages and changes. Sleeping, not sleeping, sleeping again. Crawling to walking to running and dancing and singing. She's pretty much talking full sentences at 20 months and just tonight pooped in the potty for the 2nd time. She's literally changing by the day. She's also turning into the sweetest and most amazing little girl.

I'm SURE I'm forgetting something, someone.... important.

I do have a few regrets. There are some friends I don't feel like I saw enough of, some people I didn't keep in good enough touch with. I may have to add this to my 'to-do' for next year.

I fell, HARD, off the workout wagon in the late fall... the results of which are starting to show.

Alright, the fun part... the RESOLUTIONS!!!!!!!!!

I have put a lot of thought into this, because I don't want to do the same thing I do EVERY year. Say a bunch of stuff and then forget about it tomorrow. I'm looking at it more as Goal Setting for the year.

  • write more meaningful blog posts - I wrote about this in my slump post, but for real, I want to write more stuff that means more to me. Not writing just to fill up posts. I'm open to ideas too so if there's something you're dying to read about, let me know!
  • do yoga - I used to do a lot of yoga but that's another wagon I've fallen hard off of. I also remember when I was doing lots of yoga, I felt much calmer and happier. I think I need yoga back in my life this year.
  • cook/bake more - being so busy means finding short cuts. I try and prep food stuff for the  week on the weekends (and when I don't, we end up eating takeout or really quick, low prep meals). Here's the thing, as much as I need food prep to be fast and efficient, I truly miss spending time in the kitchen. The only thing I need is someone to clean up my mess... any takers?
  • schedule more dates - with my husband, with my friends, with my daughter. I want to be more deliberate about the time I spend with people. Mr. B and I SERIOUSLY do not see each other, alone, enough. Same with some of my friends... thankfully, I have amazing friends so no matter how long the space is between our 'dates', it's like we just  hung out yesterday. Regardless, I need more dates with the people who are important to me, it just makes me happy.
  • read a book - one of my blog friends, Carrie, recently posted about the books she's read over the last year. I was rather embarrassed to think about the books I've read. Ummmmmmmmm I think I might have read one. ONE! I like reading, there are books I want to read but I just never do it. I want to read a book. I'm not setting my sights too high on this one, because I am busy BUT, so help me, I will read at least one flipping book this year JUST FOR ME!
  • I'd love to get back to the gym, be healthier, eat better, laugh and love more and a ton of other things. I hope to do those too but I'll keep this short for now (plus, how much failure do I really want to set myself up for? lol).
I'll even attempt to check back on my goals throughout the year in an attempt to keep myself somewhat accountable. You with me?

Do you have any resolutions or goals for 2015???? I'd love for you to share!!!

Generally, it's been a pretty awesome year. It's gone by too fast but I'm looking forward for whatever 2015 has in store for us. Stay tuned...

Wishing you ALL of the very best this upcoming year!

Jam up your New Years

Christmas is quickly approaching with New Years quick on it's heels.

Soooooo here are some ideas to jam up your New Years (with Jamberry nail wraps of course). PLUS, they're just pretty outfits in general, jams or no jams :) And, I don't know about you, but I always like dressy outfit inspirations!! 

New Years - Red and Gold

New Years - black and silver

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

frumpy mommy's slump

Alright, I need to just put this out there: I've been in a slump. More specifically, a blogging slump.

This 'slump' will come as no surprise if you're a regular reader (which, if you've continued to read even during this 'slump' then I REALLY love you :) If you're not a regular, don't worry, you likely haven't missed much lately.

I started this blog with high hopes and ambitions. Then life happened. Mini-me decided sleep was for the birds and our family's collective health seemed to simultaneously took a nosedive. The content in my blog followed suit.

It's not like I was previously writing award-winning material, let's be serious, but still, I had more time and energy and I REALLY loved blogging. It was my outlet.

What happened when things got crazy was that this place became a chore. I was trying so hard just to do the bare minimum. It felt shitty but it felt better than doing nothing.

Thankfully, some linkups kept me somewhat motivated, or at least contributing once a week... BUT I know I haven't been writing about what I want to write about. I haven't been writing what I'm passionate about. Part of the reason for this is really that there is only so many times I can complain about lack of sleep and feeling like crap before people become disinterested. Although, in hindsight, I've been doing that anyways, haven't I?! Oops.

Alright, where am I going with this? I don't know. I just want to put it out there, that whole transparency thing.

Also, (and I really hope I'm not jinxing anything here because so help me, I do still really NEED sleep) mini-has likened to sleeping again (if only this would last) so my energy levels are up a little. I'm also hoping that sickness is done with us for now (ya, right, I know).

Here's where I make promises. Except, I'm not offering anything grandiose. I can't commit to writing 3 times a week, because shit life happens and that's just the way it goes. What I will tell you, is what I'd like to do and that is write with more passion and creativity. Sure, I love fashion and clothes, but I've just been posting pics not providing much narrative or insight. BORING. So I'll still write about whatever I feel like and whenever I feel like it, I'll just try and be more intentional about it. K?

Lastly, THANK YOU, for sticking around... the best is yet to come my friends:)