Friday, July 31, 2015

Review: Viva Vantage Paper Towels

If you're anything like me, you've definitely spent some time standing in the paper towel aisle. completely overwhelmed with all your options and then left with the first thing within reach.

There are a LOT of options out there and it's hard to choose. 

I recently received a sample the new Viva Vantage (Kleenex) paper towel to review (through Influenster) and I am super excited to share my review with you!

What makes Viva Vantage

Paper Towels different?
  • V-Flex weave for unprecedented stretch and scrubbing power
  • Best combination of strength, stretch and softness
  • Sponge-like absorbency

Here's how I've used the paper towels:
- cleaning up spills on the floor (thank you mini-me)
- wiping counters
- drying dishes quickly
- as a napkin (because I was too lazy to get the napkins from the basement)
- drying lettuce (I'll explain)
- drying my hands 
- wiping the cupboards
- cleaning mirrors

As far as the 'stretch factor', I did notice that the paper towels don't rip nearly as easy as other paper towels I've used. I pulled on them quite a bit and while they're not super stretchy they do have some give which helps them stay intact.

These paper towels are strong. Not only do they not rip easy when they're dry, but even when they're soaking wet they don't rip easily. I HATE when my paper towel rips. 
Sometimes to dry lettuce quickly I'll throw it in a bowl or ziplock with paper towel - usually, I am pulling out the paper towel in wet pieces. I am happy to report that this was NOT the case with the Viva Vantage towels. They soaked up the water quickly and I wasn't worried about left over pieces of paper in my salad.

You really can use them to scrub. We had a few good spills on the floor (and counter and patio table and kitchen table etc etc) and given the state of my floors, some extra elbow work was involved. The towels stood up to the scrubbing without issue. 

I also LOVE the adjustable size. This is a MUST in a paper towel for me because I really don't like having to use a massive piece for a little job. I'm thrifty with my paper towel! 
Price: looks like they range from 1.15 - 1.99/roll. I'm not pro on the price of paper towels but that seems about average to me. Plus, it looks like there are lots of coupons out there AND there will be sales! 

Would I purchase: absolutely! I don't have a favorite paper towel at the moment so if the price is right, I would definitely add to my grocery cart!

*Disclosure - I received a free product sample in exchange for my opinion on the product. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

what I wore - go-to summer outfit

My last few 'what I wore' posts were outfits that I wish I had been wearing. This week, I figured I'd show you what my actual go-to summer outfit looks like.

It's basic but dressed up with some pretty, but plain, jewelry. This is a look I've worn many times and I can't wait to be wearing my non-maternity version of this outfit (be it this summer, or next lol).

This is the perfect outfit because it's easy, comfy, cute and I don't look like I just rolled out of bed. Perfect for a mom on the run.

summer go-to

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

baby update!

I've been quiet around here... I do have pretty much the best excuse EVER though. I was off having a baby!

 We welcomed Oliver James to the world on July 23, 2015 at 4:04pm. Our big guy weighed in at a whopping 9lb 1oz and was 22.5 inches long.

I will probably be a little quiet around here for a bit as I get to know this little man and adjust to life as a parent of two (which is challenging at this point, to say the least - more on that later).

I have a few posts scheduled and will try and get back to writing as soon as I learn to juggle things (at least somewhat, anyways). I will also try and get back to comments and catch up on blog reading as soon as life with the littles allows. 


Monday, July 27, 2015

June and July's Ipsy Glam Bag - Review

Remember my signing up for the Ipsy Glam Bag?! (see my review of May's bag HERE)

Quick recap for those who don't know what Ipsy is:
A monthly subscription ($10 US - plus shipping if you're in Canada - boo-urns) for a makeup bag and 5 product samples (but some samples are actually full-sized products). You sign up online but can cancel at any time with a few clicks.

I'm still getting and loving the bags but June kind of got away from me so I missed that review (bad blogger, I know). I do love getting to try some new products every month and so far, I've been pretty happy with what I've received.

Here's a peek at my June Bag

IT Cosmetics - Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil - this retails for $24.99 so makes the whole bag totally worth it PLUS I LOVE it!!! I have fairly light colored brows and the taupe color works perfect. I quickly added this to my daily makeup routine.

Smashbox - Photofinish Foundation Primer - I've tried this product before and loved it. Primer isn't something I use everyday but it's great for when you really want your makeup to last. I'm happy to have a sample size to keep in my travel bag.

Altcheck MD - DePuff Eye Pads - I'll be honest, I haven't tried these yet... I suspect I'll need some serious help in the eye de-puffing department with the arrival of the new baby.

Formula X - Nail Polish - my review on this is skewed because I tried it on my toes nails while trying to paint around my 39 week belly. It did not go well. I love the color but my application was poor at best. I'll have to give it another shake once I'm not maneuvering around a giant belly. 

tre'StiQue - Mini Shadow Crayon - this goes on easy and smooth. The color is a neutral shimmery color which works great on its own or as a primer under your other shadow. 

Now.... onto July's bag! 

First, the bag!!! How cute is this makeup bag?! I love how colorful and fun it is. Mini-me thinks it's hers so I keep having to steal it back - kid has already got great taste ;)

Jersey Shore Cosmetics - Mongongo Vanilla Coconut Cream Lip Conditioner - a lovely smelling lip conditioner. It's smooth and seriously smells like something you'd want to eat. This lip conditioner will keep your lips feeling soft. My only complaint is the lack of SPF which limits my use of it to when I'm going to be inside (SPF in my lip stuff is a MUST in the summer). It's $10 price tag pretty much pays for the bag this month (yes, I'm rationalizing).

'Tini Beauty - Eyetini Swizzle Stick Eyeliner in Blue Hawaiian - a full-sized Hawaiian blue eyeliner. Okay, I likely won't get a TON of use out of this simply because of the teal color. I'm not overly brave when it comes to colored eye-liner; however, I did give it a try and it goes on easy and seems to last well. (retails for $18)

BellaPierre Cosmetics - Mineral Lipstick (in P.I.N.K.) - a full-sized lipstick in a bright and fun pink color. This color is a HOT pink color that's really fun. Not something I'd wear on the daily, but a fun way to add a pop of color to your summer makeup routine. The lipstick feels nice on (though it definitely comes off on cups etc), isn't overly dry and has a great color. (retails for $19.99)

tarte - Deluxe Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer - I LOVE bronzer and it's a must for your summer makeup routine. Even on days where I keep things to a minimum, it's usually mascara and a little bronzer. This bronzer starts fairly light but you can easily add more to achieve your perfect level of bronze. It's not overly shimmery, which I'm a big fan of. Could be used as a regular bronzer or for contouring.

Jor'el Parker - Classico perfume - the description of the scent reads: "spicy seduction of Indian Tuberose, the striking and and sweet sensation of Turkish Cyclamen and the purifying calm of Spanish Mandarin". Um okay. Clearly the scent is a little hard to describe but I actually quite like it (and I'm SUPER picky with perfume). It's a light scent and I love that it's a roll-on (perfect for travel). (the 0.3 oz size I received retails for $21). 

not a great pic but I'm wearing the eyeliner, bronzer AND lipstick here! The lipstick is much brighter in person (I have the lip conditioner on underneath here so it didn't go on quite as vibrant as it would otherwise)

Overall: VERY happy with my July Glam Bag. I love looking up the regular prices of the products and feeling like I got a deal (again, rationalizing my purchase). It's always nice to have some new products to try and potentially add to my beauty routine!

If you're interested in receiving the Ipsy Glam Bag, sign up HERE!

Note: if you sign up through my Ipsy referral links I earn points to put towards free products.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Eats and Treats

Summer Eats and Treats

Summer time brings so many wonderful things including lots of deliciousness!

The BEST part about summer cooking, in my humble opinion, is the regular use of the BBQ!

Mr. B got totally spoiled last year for Father's Day when mini-me and I got him a brand new BBQ. We sprang for a Napoleon gas BBQ and haven't regretted the decision once.

Why I love BBQ-ing:

it saves time - if you have a good BBQ (one that gets super hot), cooking is a breeze! It's so much faster than using the oven/stove. 

less dishes - anything that means less dishes is awesome in my books! You can just throw the meat right on the BBQ and anything that can't be thrown right on there can be wrapped in tinfoil (which is then thrown out). It's win-win. 

pride - maybe this is just me, but there's such a sense of accomplishment when you cook something so perfectly! I glow when Mr. B compliments how perfectly I've cooked something. 

it gets you outside - as if you need another excuse to spend time outside on a beautiful summer day! The other bonus to this is you're not over-heating your house by using the oven/stove.

the taste - there's nothing like a perfectly grilled steak with a side of grilled fresh peppers. YUM!

you can BBQ ANYthing!! - if it can be cooked, you can cook it on the BBQ! Meat, veggies, fruit (um, grilled pineapple anyone?!). Seriously, if it requires heat, you can use your BBQ. 

So get outside and BBQ!

And because I can't leave it at just that here are some other food/drink items that just scream summertime to me:


ice cream

frozen drinks

corn on the cob

anything on the BBQ

What are you favorite summer foods?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

what I wish I wore - jean capris and cute cami

I'm still pregnant. 40 weeks plus 4 days. I'm ready to meet this little dude but it seems he has other plans.

Since I'm still sporting the maternity duds, you're all getting another edition of "what I wish I wore".

As I said last week, I miss my normal clothes and (especially) being able to fit into them. I'm especially missing my cute jean capris (similar to the ones below) and tops that require a strapless bra (haven't been able to wear one of those in quite some time).

Anyways, I pulled this outfit together as something I could picture myself wearing on a (not super hot) supper day or on a nice summer evening. Something casual and cute but still comfortable and suitable for pretty almost any situation/event (perfect for a casual date night, a backyard BBQ, a summer concert or whatever!).

casual summer outfit

Friday, July 17, 2015

Love and Hate

betcha by that title you came over here thinking this was going to be some deep, thought-provoking entry about some life-altering relationship.

You do remember I'm super pregnant right? No deep thoughts from this sleep-deprived lady.

So what is this about?! I was tagged by one of my bestie bloggger friends, Deena @ Shoes to Shiraz to do a list of 10 things I love and 10 things I hate right now. Thanks for the tag Deena... here goes:

Loves and Hates: 

Things I love

maternity leave (in Canada) - a year off with my babies, yes please!!

sunshine - there's nothing like the feel of warm sunshine on your face to make you smile.

getting mail - (bills don't count, see 'hate' section below) - I check the mail daily on my way home from where ever I happen to be, it's always a pleasant surprise when there's something not requiring a payment.

pedicures - who doesn't love a little pampering?! I am no exception. I love the massage chair and just taking 45min to myself. Perfection!

morning snuggles - I love not having to rush in the morning and being able to bring mini-me into bed with Mr. B and I to just hang out before we get our day started. There are always lots of cuddles and laughs. It really can be the best time of the day.

belly laughs - not only do I love hearing someone (especially mini-me) find something so funny they just can't help but have that all-consuming belly laugh, but I also love a good one myself. You know the ones I'm talking about, where once you're done you just feel like you've had a workout!

red wine - it's been a loooooong time since I've had a glass but I highly suspect I still love it. Having said that, can't wait to test that theory once this baby arrives.

family time - with both my little family as well as my larger family (and I include my close friends in this one). I love get-togethers where we all just hang out.

summer - this goes with the sunshine one above. Love the warm weather, playing in the water and just being about to be outside and enjoy life!

coffee - not only do I love coffee, I don't think I could live without it! Nothing like a great cuppa jo first thing in the morning (or any time, really).

Things I hate (hate is strong word, so I'll say 'things I don't like that much')

being late - I hate being late and I'm not a huge fan when other people are late. Having said that, with a little (or more than one) it seems that running late just happens a lot of the time.

spiders - sure, they're pretty benign for the most part, but I just don't like 'em. Ew.

dishes - it seems there's always a pile of them on my counter and I can't ever keep on top of them. Thank goodness for my trust dishwasher!

laundry - I don't mind washing and drying the clothes, it's the whole folding and putting away thing that I never seem to get done right away (I need to get better at that).

winter - snow can be fun, but I dread driving in it and I really don't like being cold all of the time. Yuck.

bad drivers - seriously, how hard is it to use your blinker?

being tired - story of my life.

whining - mini-me has made me learn how much I truly dislike whining. It's the worst sound EVER!!!

bills - obviously, who likes bills?

dog hair - I love our dog, he's super cute and cuddly but my goodness, he sheds hair like nothing I have ever seen. I can vacuum and then 10 minutes later there's dog-hair tumbleweeds rolling through the livingroom like it's the furry wild west up in here.

Now I'm supposed to tag some bloggers whose Love/Hate posts I'd love to read!
WELL I have so many bloggers I love, so I'd love you all to consider doing a post!!  xo

Here are a few blogs I read regularly (just so I'm not totally getting out of picking people :)

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