Wednesday, September 2, 2015

wedding guest wear

Wedding season is in full swing! We only have two to attend this year but they're back-to-back weekends. My  little bro got married this past weekend. I was a bridesmaid so that helped take the guesswork out of what to wear. Wedding #2 is this coming weekend and I have yet to figure out what I will be wearing.

What better way to help me get inspired for outfit ideas than to create a blog post!! The wedding this coming weekend is an evening wedding at a fairly fancy venue so a perfect opportunity for me to put together a glamorous yet easy ensemble!

wedding guest look

Donna morgan dress, 205 CAD / Ted Baker leather sandals, 245 CAD / Tory burch shoes, 180 CAD / Yves Saint Laurent accessories handbag, 1,705 CAD / Urban Decay eyeshadow, 77 CAD

I adore cobalt blue and gold! The combo is so regal and pretty, plus, cobalt looks great on every skin tone.

I recently purchased the new Urban Decay smoky-eye palette so will be needing to use that this weekend (obviously).

A pair of heels is a must, but so it an coordinating pair of flats because this mom will absolutely NOT be rocking heels all night.

Now, if I can organize myself enough, you may just see a post about what I actually ended up wearing to the wedding (although, I haven't figured that out just yet!)

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Tips for maternity pictures

Tips for Maternity Pictures

GET THEM! - I recently wrote a post about WHY you need maternity pictures (read post HERE) - Bottom-line: you may be feeling like a beached whale, but you'll want to capture this moment, I promise.

Now, you've made the decision to take the dive and get the pictures done, here's what you need to know:

Get professional - unless you or a family member is actually a very talented photographer who knows what they're doing, it's best to stick with a professional photographer. Do your research, solicit your friends for recommendations and find someone you get along with and that fits in your budget. Most photographers offer a variety of packages for every price range. Bonus tip: a lot of photographers offer 'mini-sessions' at a significantly reduced rate. You won't get a full 1-2 hour shoot and tons of wardrobe changes, but you will get some budget-friendly, professionally done pictures that will last a lifetime.

When? - our photographers recommend getting your pics done between 30 and 34 weeks. This allows for your bump to be big enough to capture on film but also not so huge that you're uncomfortable and can't easily change positions or move around.

Use props - those tiny shoes you're saving for the baby? Bring them! The itsy-bity little hat from your favorite sports team? Include it! There are TONS of ideas out there and the sky is the limit. Bonus tip: your photographer may have some props or ideas - make sure you ask ahead of time.

Include siblings - both of the human and furry persuasions!I'm not saying get crazy and invite the entire fam-jam, but you'll want other children and possibly furry friends to be a part of capturing this special time.

Pinterest is your friend - good photographers will have tons of their own ideas BUT they'll also be open to capturing a couple shots that you'd really like to see. Hit up Pinterest for ideas for poses, locations, props etc.

Find a location(s) you love - again, your photographer will probably have some recommendations on this one BUT ultimately, you decide what you'd like to see. A lot of people want the warmth of pictures done in home but also some fun outdoor shots.

HAVE FUN! - I'm not supermodel (obviously) and I'm not exactly super comfortable in front of a camera (read: awkward) BUT you can have fun during a photoshoot. Plus, I promise, if you're having a good time, it will show in the pictures!  During both of our maternity shoots we had a few great laughs and looking back, those are some of the best shots.

**photos c/o MillerEllis**

you can find more of our maternity pics HERE

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Friday, August 28, 2015

must haves for life with a newborn

5 weeks in and I'm slowing coming out of the the haze that is new motherhood. Life is certainly not easy but it's getting more manageable.

The last 5 weeks have been exhausting but sweet. Looking back, it's very clear that I needed some help along the way and aside from my amazing husband, family and friends, there are a few other things I couldn't live without.

Here's my list of must haves for any parent with a newborn:

carrier/wrap // rompers // bibs //

  1. Receiving blankets - I didn't appreciate these so much the first time around but given that baby #2 is a 'spitter-upper', I cannot have enough receiving blankets handy. They're great for the obvious spit-up, but also for throwing on the floor for an impromptu change-pad as well as using as a nursing cover.
  2. Soothers - again, first go around, we didn't use a soother and I have mixed feelings about them; having said that, little man is a 'sucker' and when he has gas the soother helps significantly. My rule with the soother is that I don't use it unless I know he's full and clean/changed. Little man is partial to the soothie but you may have to try your little on a few different brands to see what their preference is.
  3. Nursing pillow - whether your nursing or not, this is a must-have. It's great to have that extra support when you're sitting down holding baby. Yes, I use it while nursing but Mr. B also uses it to support his arms while holding a sleeping little man.
  4. Wrap/carrier - a lifesaver for the mom of a baby who constantly wants to be held. We have this wrap and it's literally the only way I can get anything done most days. I pop him in there and he can chill/sleep while I vacuum and/or do dishes/laundry/play with mini-me etc.
  5. Rompers - being cute, comfy and easy to change makes rompers a must-have especially if you have a babe born during the hot summer months. Little man pretty much lives in these.
  6. Bibs - see the note above about spit-up. I was changing little man 5 times a day when I realized that there was a use for all of those matching bibs that were gifted to us! Sure, we go through 4-8 bibs a day now but that's way easier to manage than 4-8 outfit changes.
  7. Diapers - first, you're going to NEED diapers but don't buy too many pre-baby because all diapers are made different and you'll find you have a preference. What works with one child might not work with the other. If you're finding you're little is having lots of blowouts or leaks you may want to consider sizing up or trying another brand.
  8. Tear-free soap - you'll need a good, tear-free, baby soap. We LOVE the Hugo Naturals chamomile and vanilla. It makes little man smell so nice and is perfectly gentle on his skin. 

There you have it, our list of newborn must-haves! 

What was on your must-have list for life with a newborn???

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

what I will be wearing - fall outfit preview

You've seen my 'what I wore' and 'what I wish I wore' posts so this week I thought I would change it up a bit!

Given the looming end of summer (ew) and the rapidly approaching fall, I figured I'd check out some fall trends and put together a fall outfit preview.

Fall Outfit Preview

Where to start?!

Plaid is back (again). I find plaid a little intimidating but I also know the perfect (and least expensive) way to incorporate a trend you're unsure about is to do it with a scarf!

"Dried Herb" aka "Olive Green" is one of Pantone's it colors for fall 2015 and this cute (and inexpensive) little dress is a great way to add this color to your closet. PLUS it's  a great summer to fall to winter transition piece.

I am dying for a nice, good quality leather jacket. This one needs to be mine. I promise I will wear it with everything.

You know I love all things Jamberry so obviously I had to find a way to incorporate a fun, fall design for my nails AND I just happen to have these babies in my collection. Perfect.

I need some kind of jewelry so bracelets it is!

Love me a good handbag!

Combat boots are back in a BIG way this fall! I'm opting for a comfortable and good quality pair and these Dr. Martins make me all nostalgic for my old brown pair that got mistakenly thrown away when I came home from university (I'm still sad when I think of that story).

How cute are these tribal tights? And apparently funky print tights are also a thing this fall and the perfect way to add some character to a so many of our favorite dresses!

What fall fashions/trends are you loving/hating?

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Do I need maternity pictures?

Maternity pictures - do you really need them?

My very biased answer is YES. Two pregnancies and maternity shoots later and I'm still saying the answer is a resounding yes, you do need maternity pictures.

If you're having a hard time convincing yourself (or your partner) that professional maternity pics are a necessity, maybe this will help!

WHY get maternity pictures:

  1. It's fun! - I'm no super model (obviously) but there's something awkwardly fun about having your picture taken by someone who knows what they're doing. I do need to confess though, I consider our photographers friends so it's kinda just like hanging out with people we really like who just happen  to have cameras. Bonus tip: make friends with your photographers, it'll make all subsequent photoshoots that much easier (and enjoyable).
  2. Memories - this is probably a given, but you'll really be happy that you captured this stage of your life. Being pregnant isn't always fun or glamorous but it is a beautiful and special time that you'll hopefully want to remember with some fondness. What better way to evoke memories than pictures? Plus, I have NEVER heard of someone regretting having professional pictures taken (by a good photographer, of course).
  3. You're BEAUTIFUL momma! I get it, this might be the most weight you've gained in your life, your skin might be breaking out and you may not always recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. All of these reasons that you might not feel like getting your picture taken are the exact reasons why you SHOULD! Trust me when I say that a good photographer will help capture best and most beautiful pregnant you.
Maternity pictures serve to capture what can sometimes feel like forever but is really such a short snippet of time in our lives. They're about documenting a significant change in your life and being able to reflect on a really special time.

Bottom-line, if you're on the fence, just DO IT!! I promise you'll be happy you did.

couple maternity picture winter in blanket

black and white maternity picture against fence

**photos c/o MillerEllis** 

you can find more of our maternity pics HERE

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Friday, August 21, 2015

What inspires me - positive thinkers!

  1. 1.
    the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

That begs the question: what inspires me?

Well, my first inclination is to write about my children because at times when I feel my worst, they really make me want to do more and be a better person. That is, when I'm not so freaking exhausted, which is the case more often than not these days. There will be many more posts about my family so while they inspire me, I'm not focusing on them (for once).

I find that I am most inspired by people who are everyday heros. More specifically, people who embody the things I'd like to be myself. I often feel like life gets challenging, I get tired and when things are tough I easily revert to negativity. Having said that, I truly believe that being positive takes work but that it's worth it. Unfortunately, I sometimes suck at remaining positive. Luckily, I am inspired by people everyday who remind me of the importance of being positive and help me break my negative thought cycles.

Case in point, my beautiful friend, Nicole. Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer and fought like hell. After believing she was done with cancer, she found out that her cancer had spread. She continues treatment; however, she will require treatment for the rest of her life, which will eventually be taken by cancer. Despite her struggles, Nicole remains a beautiful and positive spirit. Her presence on social media and her willingness and openness about her journey has inspired thousands (likely more, she's everywhere!). Whenever I find myself being negative, I'm reminded of some of her beautiful messages and that if she can find the strength, so can I. The world needs more people like Nicole. Read more about Nicole HERE.

I recently learned about a company, Zella Mae Inspirations that blend two of my favorite things: positivity and fashion!! 

Tashina and Brooke are cousins who created Zella Mae (named after their grandmother) with the hope of combing their love for fashion with their strong belief in the power of positive thinking. 

So you can buy awesome clothing that spreads a positive message AND for each shirt purchased these beautiful ladies donate a shirt with a positive message to someone in need. Their website shares a list of people they have donated to including children cancer patients and burn victims.

You can find Zella Mae online HERE
On Instagram HERE
On Facebook HERE

I can't think of a better way to rationalize buying a new graphic tee! 

Here are some of my favs:

Positive thinking isn't about someone having it worse, it's about being grateful and hopeful. 

Spread the positivity!!

What inspires you??? 

So this is the last linkup EVER for the Style Me Bloggers BUT there are exciting things to come. Some of my fellow bloggers and I will be joining forces to create The Blended Blog! Stay tuned for more information coming soon!!!!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

what I wore - baby-wearing edition

Let's be real: I have an almost 4 week old baby and a toddler. At this point my wardrobe consists of whatever is moderately (and I use that term loosely) clean, comfortable and provides easy access to little man's food (for the record: breastfeeding is NOT style-friendly). I'm still (heavily) relying on my birkenstocks for footwear and my makeup routine is non-existent. I try to find time to put on mascara and brush my teeth each morning but it doesn't always happen.

Soooooo I'm not exactly a fashion maven over here.

My most worn items these days are yoga pants and little man.

I'm telling you little man wants to be held ALL of the time. Baby-wearing has become the only way I can get anything done and I'm not exactly trying to accomplish a lot - mainly keep the kids alive and moderately content as well as trying to eat enough to sustain my existence (easier said than done).

So here's a little idea of what my life has looked like as of late:

What do you mean I look tired?! Also, you don't see mini-me running around like a crazy person which is exactly what she does.

Moral of the story: 1. you are getting no outfit post today. 2. Baby-wearing is the only thing saving my sanity.

I received this wrap as a gift for our shower for mini-me. It took me forever to figure how to use it and with mini-me I had all of the time in the world to just sit around and hold her. Enter baby #2 and things change. I've quickly become a pro at throwing on this wrap and plunking little man in it. Yesterday mini-me and I had a picnic while little man chilled in the wrap, she made me a few pretend meals and we sang lots of songs. Today, it allowed me to do dishes, vacuum and eat two meals while pretending to be on a bus with mini-me and her princesses (ya, my life is pretty glam these days).

If you're a new mom like me, I highly recommend baby-wearing. Whether you choose a fabric wrap or something more structured, you will absolutely find more freedom.

Recommended Carriers:

The Maman Kangourou Wrap(see above) - I'm biased because I have this and use it all the time but this is a GREAT carrier. It's quick and easy to put on (and take off) and little man loves it.

The ErgoBaby Carrier - I haven't used one (yet) but these carriers have great reviews,

The Tula Carrier - I KEEP hearing about these carriers but they're tricky to find in Canada. They have awesome reviews and super cute designs.

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