Friday, July 3, 2015

thank you, to the sweetest group of bloggers I know

I got a very pleasant surprise today when I went to check the mail: an unexpected package!!!

I was a little confused by this decent-sized package and even more confused when I saw that the sender was one of my blogger-friends, Sarah.

Sarah and I both belong to a group of bloggers who met through the Style Challenges and have been linking up regularly. We recently did a gift exchange, but that's all done and over with and to the best of my knowledge, I didn't miss an email about another exchange. So why am I getting a package and what is is?!


I opened the package to find some super adorably wrapped gifts and a very sweet card from, you guessed it, the Style Me Bloggers!!!

My sneaky blogger friends had gotten together and bought a TON of stuff for our little man! Seriously, they spoiled us with a bunch of outfits for our little guy.

When I started blogging almost a year and a half ago, I knew I'd find some awesome blogs to read but I never expected to connect with such an amazing group of women who I consider friends even though we've never actually met.

To the Style Me ladies: THANK YOU! This thoughtful gift not only made my day, but also ensured I have very little shopping to do for our new family member (Mr. B is especially thankful about that part lol).

This was so unexpected and kind that I teared up immediately! I'm so grateful for all our collaborations but more to consider you all friends!

I only with we weren't separated by such distances because I'd love to be able to introduce you to our new arrival in person. Rest assured, you'll be among the first to hear our happy news and get a ton of sneak peeks of the little guy.

Thank you all, so very much. You made this momma feel beyond special today!

Now, I have whole load of baby-laundry to do thanks to you guys :)
Carrie, you still up for folding??

June in Numbers

I'm SUPER excited about this post mostly because I'm co-hosting with one of my bestie bloggers (whether she likes it or not)! Deena @ Shoes to Shiraz and I haven't technically met in real life, but we are connected by our Canadian-ness, our love for the Toronto Blue Jays, fashion, and our love for red wine!

I found Deena fairly early on in my blogging journey and meeting her is on my to-do list! Though, I have to admit, I have a funny feeling the two of us could get each other in trouble. :)

ANYWAYS, Deena does a monthly review post and more specifically a "month in numbers" post which is always interesting to read. So it took no persuading when she asked me to co-host and linkup today!

Shoes to Shiraz

co-hosts this month are:

Much Ado About Jenny || Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

My June in numbers:

9 blog entries posted 

1 babymoon getaway - Mr. B and I headed up to Blue Mountain for a one-night pre-baby getaway. It was super relaxing, lots of fun and we had some AMAZING food! Oh, the company was pretty good too ;)

2 wedding showers attended - my little bro is getting married in August and my cousin in early September so some pre-wedding parties happened this month. Mini-me and I had a blast celebrating the lovely brides-to-be! 

1 basket of fresh strawberries picked straight from the farm - mini-me had a blast AND there's seriously nothing like strawberry shortcake with fresh berries! YUM!

3 OB appointments attended

5 pounds gained - normally, not something I'd share, but given my very pregnant-status, why not?!

2 weeks left til my due date! WHOA. 

1 family trip to the zoo - Father's Day weekend we headed to the zoo. Lots of fun with my little fam-jam, minus mini-me's unfortunate run-in with a giant goose. If you ask her about the zoo now, she'll tell you all about it including "I don't like the goose, he scares me" lol Here's hoping she's not scarred for life. 

1 book read - I read a whole, non-picture, book! I'm pretty pleased with myself about this. It could be the last one for a while.

13 episodes of Orange is the New Black watched - we may or may not have binge-watched the entire 3rd season of OITNB. I've heard mixed reviews but Mr. B and I both really like it. 

1 maternity leave started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last day of work was June 26th and I'll be staying home with my littles until July 2016 (thank YOU Canada)!!

There you have it, my June in #'s!! 
Though short, a super fun away to review my month, stay-tuned because I'm hoping to linkup similar posts with the lovely Deena in the future :)

Link up your month reviews with us and make sure you visit a couple and let them know you stopped by!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

what I wore - kimono

First order of business: I'm happy to announce the winner of our $200 Gap Brand Giveaway: Ashley Bree Perez!! Congrats Ashley!!

I think I've mentioned that I'm "participating" in the Summer Style Challenge. I use the quotations because I haven't been an ideal challenge participant this go-round. I didn't buy a lot of the suggest pieces mostly because I'm hoping to add them to my wardrobe once I return to my 'non-maternity' size. 

BUT, there's always a 'but', I did buy one item that I swore I wouldn't, a kimono (not an authentic 'kimono' technically, but I swear that's what it's called). Apparently, kimonos are a trendy item this spring/summer. I never thought it was something I'd be able to pull off, particularly packing an extra 30lbs on my middle but I saw this pretty one and thought I'd try it.

 I mostly made the purchase because I love how everyone else looked in theirs but I was super skeptical about it and am still not convinced. I also went with one with 'fringe' which kinda makes me feel like I'm trying to look younger than I am. Having said all that, I did get a few compliments while wearing it and loved that it was a cute way to cover my shoulders at work without overheating.

Soooo here's me... nearing the end of 3rd trimester, attempting the kimono:

What do you think? I swear I can take it (though, keep in mind I'm uber pregnant and slightly emo these days lol).

As per usual, would love for you to link up with us below AND I will also be linking up with the following lovelies:

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Friday, June 26, 2015

My Summer Reading List

Summer Reading

I'm supposed to write about all of the books on my 'to read' list this summer and/or recommend some of the amazing books I've read as of late.

Um ya.

First issue is that I'm due with a child in approximately 3 weeks and the likelihood that I'll be able to keep my eyes open long enough to read a whole book during the remainder of the summer, let alone a list of them, is slim-to-none.

Second, working full-time, parenting a toddler and being pregnant has not really allowed me much 'reading for pleasure' time lately. By lately, I mean since my last pregnancy. Unless you count the children's books that I know off my heart (you can read about my children's books recommendations HERE - I know those well!). 

Time to improvise:

Books I've read (longer ago than I care to admit) and recommend 

The Alchemist - a beautiful book about finding purpose and meaning in life. I'll be honest in that I don't remember the actual storyline of the book but I do remember the profound impact it had on me. It's definitely a must-read and very likely a book I should add to my re-read list (even though I've never actually read a book, besides a children's book, more than once). 

I've read a few other Paulo Coelho books and very much liked them all! 

The Forgotten Garden - again, while the exact storyline has seemed to escape my memory, I do remember thoroughly enjoying this book. It's long but it didn't feel long (always an indicator of a good read). 

Quick question: am I the only one who can read a book, thoroughly love/enjoy it and yet still forget the entire storyline years later? Is that normal?

Books I'd like to read (in the not-so-distant future)

The Girl on the Train - I've heard about this book a lot lately and it's apparently right up there on the current Best Sellers lists so it only makes sense it would be on my reading list.

Grey - ya, I know, I know, I shouldn't even be admitting it but I'm curious about this book only because I read the 50 Shades Series (a long time ago now). Having said that, I'm not sure I will prioritize this over some of my other must-reads.

The One and Only - I'm a sucker for chick-lit and have loved all of Emily Giffin's books so this book is on my list. I am a little weary though because the reviews are not great. I'd appreciate your feedback if you've already read it!

I would be VERY happy if you'd like to share your 'must-read' books because my summer reading list is lacking! 

Finally - the BEST part of this post is that I'm linking up with some awesome ladies who are much more avid readers than I am. SOOOO I'm clearly going to make a whole NEW 'must-read' list after checking out what they've all been reading and what's on their lists! BRILLIANT!!

You've still got a few more hours to get your entries in for the $200 Gap brand gift card!!!! Enter below!

Feel free to link up with us below - happy weekend! 

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

what I wore - stripes

Happy Wednesday! 

It seems like I've been wearing lots of stripes lately. I've never been particularly into stripes but it seems like some of my most comfy maternity duds happen to have stripes on them. As a result, the stripes are really growing on me (literally lol). 

I would have never purchased a shirt with horizontal stripes before, because for some reason I had it in my head they would make me look bigger. Not so! 

Now that I've embraced stripes, here's how my (very) pregnant self has been wearing them:

okay, technically this is 3 weeks ago but it's still stripes so I'm going with it; however, now that I see this pic it's quite clear to me I've gotten HUGE in the last 3 weeks. Like WHOA!

Striped palazzo pants. Palazzo pants are a Summer Style Challenge item that I haven't yet fully embraced. I'm not confident they're super flattering on me BUT the sheer comfort alone has me adding them to my maternity wardrobe rotation. I am also thinking that I'll need some non-maternity pairs for post-partum fashion :) Yes, they kind look (and very much feel) like pjs, but apparently they're "in" so I'm going with it.

Striped tank for the win! It's hard to find things to go with my hot pink maternity pants, but this navy and white striped tank works AND will also look cute with my mint capris (see last week's post about my mint capris HERE).

You'll see I'm linking up with some lovely ladies below, so make sure you check them out and feel free to link up with us below (any fashion-related post is welcome and encouraged!!).

OHHHHH and the GIVEAWAY continues for 2 more days, so get your entries in for your chance to win a $200 Gap brand gift card!!!

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Style Bloggers - how we share our homes

If you've been following my Friday posts, you'll remember I recently posted about where I live (see post HERE). Why am I reminding you of this? WELL the Style Me Bloggers thought it would be fun to go a gift exchange that includes sharing our home (this could mean pretty much anything). Soooo in today's post I'm sharing what I received!

Carrie, over at A Lovely Little Wardrobe was the unlucky blogger who picked my name and had to ship a gift to Canada ;)

Before I share my prezzie, I want to share a little about Carrie:

Carrie was one of the first bloggers I connected with on the internet and despite the fact that she lives quite far away (in Texas) and that we've never met in real life, I do consider her a friend.

Carrie is super sweet and kind and she's probably one of the best dressers I know! Seriously, if you're looking for office-friendly or adorable casual outfits, Carrie is your gal. Not only is she super stylish, but she is also super fit. Once I pop this baby and and the workout 'okay', I'll be hitting Carrie up for some fitness advice.

Alright, so I received this super cute package in the mail (I LOVE getting fun mail, so much better than bills). FYI the gift I sent my person was not even close to this cute, it was more a bunch of stuff shoved in a box (yes, that's considered a gifting failure, I'm aware).

Even the card accompanying the gift was handmade and cute!

Alright, you get it, I really liked the packaging. 

And in the package?! A me-sized Denton t-shirt!!! It fits over my belly but will look much cuter once this babe vacates! 

 I loved my t-shirt and was very happy with my gift and THEN got a very sweet and apologetic email from Carrie because she hadn't sent the other part of my gift. Clearly, more was not necessary but she also provided me with a picture of what's headed my way:

I think it's safe to say she went overboard, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super excited about this package as well as very grateful to be gifted such lovely gifts care of Carrie and her hometown! NOW, I just need to get my little butt down to Texas to meet her!

THANK YOU Carrie!!

Make sure y'all check out the other Style Me Bloggers (you know you want to see what gifts they got) AND linkup your favorite recent posts with us below! (you see what I did there with the 'y'all'?!).

OHHHHHHHHHHHH and I'm co-hosting a GIVEAWAY below which is still open so make sure you get your entries in for your chance to win a $200 Gap brand gift card!!

Happy Friday!!!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

what I wore - mint capris and $200 GIVEAWAY!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!!!!!!

All those exclamation marks are a good indicator of my excitement for this post. Not only am I sharing with you my new love for mint pants BUT once you're done checking out how I've styled my pants you MUST linkup AND enter the GIVEAWAY!!!!! Who doesn't want $200 to Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic? Honestly, the only this disappointing about this giveaway is that I can't enter myself ;)

PLUS my blog friends and I are hosting a linkup and we'd love for you to link-up with us and share your fashion posts!

Back to my pants.

If you know me, you know of my love for colored pants but you may have also noticed that when I wear colored pants they're usually really bright or darker shades. Light-colored bottoms scare me. You can read more about my fear of light-colored bottoms HERE. Despite my fear, it's clear mint pants/shorts/capris are EVERYwhere and since I was in dire need of some fun maternity pants, I thought I'd give these mint capris a go (okay, they're supposed to be capris, but I'm kinda short so they're more like flood pants on me).

It took me a few tries to figure out how the heck to wear these capris but I'm quickly realizing they work with more than I thought. Below are some looks with mostly dark tops but they also look great with coral, yellow and white!

Any other color recommendations for me?! I've got 4-5 weeks left to style these babies so I'm open to suggestions :)

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